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Msimbi Dolls

The idea of M’simbi was inspired by a 6 year old Zambian girl called Lindiwe. Lindiwe was very unhappy with how she looked. She was not happy with her hair and her skin colour. Her mother, Mainga, wondered why this was so. When asked, Lindiwe said she wanted to look like her friends in school with long silky hair and lighter skin , it was then realized that children are very much influenced by the images they see and the dolls they play with, they actually see themselves in their dolls and aspire to be like them. Mainga then realized that all the dolls Lindiwe had, looked nothing like her. In order to change this, M’simbi dolls was born. Each of the dolls come with a positive affirmation card to boost self-esteem.

M’simbi dolls is for all girls and aims to influence self-love and that every little girl may know that she is naturally beautiful . We currently have 5 dolls all with African names; Luyando doll which means “Love”, Mapalo doll which means “blessing” , Towela doll which means “beautiful” , Kondwani doll which means “Happiness” and Limpo doll which means “blessing”.

I invite you to explore our social media pages at and and our website on

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