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Must see places in Zambia

Visiting Zambia for the first time ? Here is a pick of a few recommended places.

Located in Livingstone, Southern Province us a must see. Regarded as one of the wonders of the world, easily tops the list.

How to get there:

Driving from the capital city, Lusaka is about 6 hours and flights take about an hour.

The roads are in good condition so a drive is recommended for the first time visitor to also experience sights and sounds of the countryside.

Once in Livingstone, there are several places to stay starting at $30 a night

This is a pleasure resort located on the northern bank of Lake Kariba.

The lake, is actually a man-made dam and is used as a hydro electric power source.

Located a few hours drive from Lusaka, it's easy to get to and provides several amenities:

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