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Our Core Values

Core values represent the goals and ambitions of a company.

At Caribuni, operational excellence is a moving target that we continually set our targets on.

Confidence in our ability aims to remind the customer that they can trust us and be self assured about their expectations.

Appreciation for our customers needs no explanation. We realise that customers are the cornerstone of our business and it's because of them that we are where we are today. To all our esteemed customers, thank you !

Respect within the company irrespective of employees' abilities or achievements defines our work environments. Each employee is a cog in the Caribuni wheel and their contributions don't go unnoticed.

Integrity in business processes makes us believe that our standards will not be compromised. Customer satisfaction and moral uprightness takes precedence over financial gains. We claim responsibility for all decisions made in this regard.

Benevolence is our desire to do good to others. We are actively seeking opportunities to give back to the community in cash or kind.

Understanding in all situations gives a lending ear to our customers and to the best of our ability provides an amicable resolution during conflicts. However, this does not imply that we should be taken advantage, mistreated or victimized.

Nobility is a trait that we want to be associated with. The Caribuni brand aims to score positively in the brand awareness and perception category.

Intelligence, both emotional (EQ) and intellectual (IQ) directs our thoughts , conclusions and actions. We aim at having conversations that are comprehensively factual-data & evidence driven and not based solely on anecdotal evidence.

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